The Power of Positivity


Have you ever gone to a resteraunt and the server was rude the entire time they were “helping” you? I have. Do you remember if you tipped that server well or not at all? I do.  I remember it well. Even a forced smile and tolerant attitude would have been a better way than the attitude that girl had. Her face told the story of how I was going to receive less than stellar service, right from the start. Technically, her service was fine. She took my order correctly, brought the food to the table in a reasonable amount of time, asked me if I needed anything else…but that wasn’t quite enough to make me want to give her the “garson” tip. (for me, the garson tip is a $20 bill on top of the standard 15%) That server gets the bulk of her paychec in tips and cut herself off at the knees by not smiling or attempting to create a rapport with the people at the table. 


The unfortunate fact of working at home is that it can be tedius and unrelenting because you NEVER really leave the office or interact with people other than clients or your family. The difference between us and the “out to workers” is that our environment rarely changes and we don’t get a wage just for showing up. These things, along with the fact that we don’t get recognition, (we will never be employee of the month) tends to cause a tense work at home life. You can make as many sales as you like and you can get as many new clients as you like but there is always that sense of urgency in the background, that thought that making a sale is the difference between food on the table or not. Over time this can become a feeling of dread and a crappy attitude which can lead to problems in the sales department. What can be done to keep ourselves above board?


Everyting you say and do is representative of your business. If you smile, your business is smiling, if you frown, your business is frowning. When you work for yourself, whether at home or anywhere else, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!!  My main form of advertising is social media so everything I post or share on any of the platforms is encouraging, empowering or in formationally interesting.  I don’t post “angry at my boyfriend crap” that gets EVERYONE involved in my personal life or “why did my Mother do this or that” crap that makes me look ungrateful and spiteful. Even if you don’t market on social media, the majority of people will check out your social media accounts before purchasing from you, just to see what kind of person they will be buying from. A negative, self involved, dramatic profile with no meaningful content can be the death of sales. If you want to check out my profile as an example, you are welcome to do so!! (My Facebook Profile)(My Facebook Business Page)



Let’s face it, NOBODY wakes up EVERY day all chipper and happy like a teenager on the last day of school. To be honest, MOST days I don’t wake up that way, but I find a way to convince myself that I am. Why would I do that? BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO BUY SOMETHING FROM A SOUR PUSS!!

Even on your bad days, it’s important to strive for the most positive attitude you can have. When the cashier at the grocery, the teller at the bank or even your neighbor asks how you are, tell them you’re great, even if your not, and smile as big as you can. (my personal favorite is to say “I’m FANTASTIC as always! And how are you?”) If given the chance, a positive phrase can turn into a positive thought which will lead to a positive attitude.

The environment that you provide yourself as a workspace will have the biggest impact on your mood and frame of mind. Play music or sounds softly in the background that have a positive effect on your mood, keep the space organized and clean. It’s been proven that a clean workspace can improve mood, productivity and efficiency.  Every little step you take to change your attitude and to maintain it in a positive way will make all the difference when it comes to your interactions with clients.


So let’s talk about ignoring your inner negative voice and doing whatever it takes to stay on course.
Here are some examples of my negative voice in my mind for this week… and solutions of what to do when you get in the slump!
“People are telling me they are confused, then I lose out on gaining a new client because I suck at explaining”
SOLUTION 👉 Keep trying different approaches, always be improving, accept not everyone is a good fit.
“I’ve spent a lot of time on several prospects who then chose to buy from another  person, they’re better than me, I’m not good enough”
SOLUTION 👉 This is unavoidable in home business, KEEP DRIVING TRAFFIC for maximum prospects!!
“My income isn’t growing as fast as I’d like because I’m not relate-able enough for people, I suck at being liked”
SOLUTION 👉 KEEP DRIVING TRAFFIC aka getting ppl to ur website or exposing them to your offer….. and there is an ideal audience for EVERYBODY even if you don’t believe it.
So the moral of this story… keep getting as many eyes to your offer as possible, and replace your negative thoughts with a positive solution to PREVENT you from falling too far down the hole.

Your success or failure is entirely up you and how you handle stress, what attitude you keep and how your prospects view you as a person. Maintaining an upward view includes an upward attitude and an upward message. Invest in your professional AND personal life by creating a positive environment and state of mind.

Best of luck in your new attitude,

Ann Wolf

Here is a fantastic video to watch when you get frustrated!!