Professionalism Under Pressure

There have been some situations where professionalism was difficult for me to muster up. I recently had a run in with my “upline” in one of my lines of business where I learned that there is a way NOT to behave when dealing with business issues. Without getting into too many details about him, I will tell you that my son is a genius who suffers from a very high functioning form of autism. He can code video games in his sleep and has actually built a couple of the programs I use on a regular basis but struggles with common sense. He has a good heart and tends to use his intelligence in efforts to help make my life easier.  (especially since I’ve been in and out of the hospital lately) Recently, he noticed that I became frustrated by the websites built for a business program I am in and he thought he could make it better by creating the same thing on my web host as compared to the one held by the website creator as well as making some upgrades to the format etc. He was unaware that doing this was actually stealing and did so with a beautiful heart while I was in the hospital. 

The day I got out of the hospital, not knowing what my son had done, I dropped a link to this blog on my Facebook page where the website owner saw it and clicked through. She was understandably upset when she found the updates made by my son.  Without much hesitation, she messaged me about it.  She was rude, and vague and NEVER really told me what was going on. I finally told her that she was going to HAVE to tell me why she was upset, at which point she went on the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL RANT I have ever witnessed. When I made it clear that I didn’t know what she was talking about, she called me some choice names and accused me of being a thief. At this point, I requested that she send me a screenshot, to which she responded that I didn’t need one. I still didn’t know what was going on so I canceled all of my cards, shut down my social media accounts and reported that I had been hacked. After witnessing all of the fuss, my son came out of his room crying, afraid that he would go to jail for trying to help and told me the entire story. This is when I got ANGRY. 

After I disabled the additions to my blog page, I realized that Nicole Derksen, could have stopped the dumpster fire that had been created by sending me a screenshot and I would have figured out what happened and corrected the situation WITHOUT cancelling all of my cards and accounts.  Long story short, I told her about herself in the most professional way possible. I understand her upset and would have been upset myself if I were in her shoes, however, I WOULD NEVER HAVE CALLED HER OUTSIDE OF HER NAME OR ACCUSED HER OF ANYTHING ONCE I UNDERSTOOD THAT SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT.

After this “run in”, I dropped out of the program, which didn’t hurt me much as I hadn’t quite started making any money, but it DID hurt HER. Unbenownst to Nicole, she was making money from my followers because  of the affiliate links she had posted all over her website. HERE IN LIES THE KICKER, after this event, I took to my social media pages and professional groups to share the experience I’d had with her. The response was OVERWHELMING. Of the 150,000+ names on my email list, there turned out to be about three hundred people who were considering joining her team in the program. Those people CHANGED THEIR MINDS because they didn’t want to deal with her unprofessional behavior. Let’s do the math…the minimum cost of the program is $25. The maximum cost of the program is $100. Nicole Derksen LOST between $7500 and $30,000 because she handled this situation BADLY. 

So let’s talk about how Nicole could have avoided the loss in income. 

When dealing with issues, even HUGE ones, (I can easily admit that this one was HUGE when she didn’t understand the situation with my son) you CANNOT come at it with ANY kind of emotion or prejudice. We, as business owners, cannot BEGIN to understand what is going on in the lives of the people we deal with. The two failings she had at the point of dealing with this were the fact that she had NEVER bothered to learn anything about me or my life and she couldn’t control her mouth.  

1. If she had EVER bothered to get to know me beyond signing me up for her business opportunity, she would have learned about the challenges of raising an autistic genius and probably wouldn’t have been as upset as she was. She would have learned that my ENTIRE online business system is on autopilot and I would have now way of knowing if changes had been made without me as well as learning that I have a HUGE following based on my honest approach to everything, especially business.  I make it a habit to learn about my potential clients, not just for business purposes, but also because EVERYONE IS A PERSON AND DESERVES TO HAVE OTHERS BE INTERESTED IN THEIR LIVES. I also understand my prospects are my income and with that in mind, would never consider speaking down to them or treating them like they were shifty and unworthy.  Getting to know your potentials can not only help when dealing with issues, but shows them that I care about them, which is kind of the secret to my success. I actually keep a little file on each client for up to two years after they sign up under me in a business that contains notes about them. Are they married? Do they have kids? etc. This info helps me to more easily determin what that client needs and what addditional offers would be useful to their success. 

2. If she had curbed her attitude and handled the situation professionally, I may have still dropped out of the program out of respect for her, but there would have been no need to warn my followers about her. Her vile display of anger in a professional situation was exactly what I needed to make a decision about her AND her business. Not only did I decide that I didn’t want to have anything to do with her, but I decided to tell EVERYONE about it. 

In conclusions, WATCH YOUR MOUTH, WATCH YOUR ATTITUDE AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORLD OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF. Nobody wants to work with a rude, self-centered spaz that only cares about money. Be aware of the people you work with and what is going on in their lives. Be restrained and professional at all times and for Gods sake, be the kind of person you would want to work with if you were in their shoes.


Best of luck!!

Ann Wolf