Paid Traffic…Or No Paid Traffic…That Is The Question!!

“Is Paid Traffic Worth It?”

   Depending on the line of business your are in, you may be considering the idea of paying for leads. The thing to understand about this, is that not all lead sources work for everyone. So let’s talk about what makes paying for traffic “worth it”. The sales business is about getting as many people to your product as possible in the hopes that a smaller percent of them will make a purchase. Let’s think about HOW we get those people to our product. Some people advertise on social media, I know I do, which can be free if done correctly. The problem with this, is that you are limiting your reach to the people you know or have “friended” or “followed” on these sites and their “friends” or “followers” which may or may not be looking for your product or opportunity. Another way to get yourself out there on social media is to buy ads on the social media platforms. This will make your reach farther, but you are still limited, because NOT EVERYONE USES SOCIAL MEDIA. When buying traffic, you are usually buying leads that have requested information about the product you are selling and will be a warm pool of prospects where buying ads on social media is only targeting a cold market. (a market that may or may not be looking for you product) I’m not going to say that I don’t make any money that way, I just don’t make enough for it to be the only source of my leads. When considering your options, you want to keep these things in mind:

1. What types of leads will the platform provide?
   Lead platforms usually provide leads in specific areas. Some might give you options before you purchase the leads and some may only provide one type of lead. I currently use three different lead sources, each with it’s own unique attributes. I utilize different lead sources for different lines of business. For example, I use The Conversion Pros for several lines of business because they give me the option to chose what type of lead I want based on the product I’m trying to sell at the moment, but I use The Lead Gen Secret for my business opportunity line of business because, for my $30 per month fee, I get 100 leads ever 24 hours. NOT ALL LEAD SOURCES ARE THE SAME and you want to chose accordingly. 

2. Do they offer other services that will help your business?

   All of the lead sources I use have an accompanying free emailing platform. This means that I don’t have to pay for a system like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign in addition to the lead source. I find that having an already integrated platform cuts down on cost and time spent trying to keep things straight. The Conversion Pros offers landing pages and an email platform for the fee of $50 per month but I have to pay on top of my monthly fee for my leads where as with  The Lead Gen Secret my 100 leads per day are covered by my $30 monthly fee as is my emailing platform. 

3. What can you afford?

   I wont mince words on this. NO MATTER HOW AWESOME THE PLATFORM SEEMS TO BE, IF THE COST OF USING IT IS MORE THAN I CAN AFFORD, I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT CONSIDER IT!! The problem is that EVERY platform will give you a BUNCH of hype and attraction marketing to get through. DON’T FALL FOR ITIf the platform has a Free Trial, USE IT!! Find out if the platform lives up to the hype. A lot of times, like in the case of ClickFunnels, their platform is not worth the $997 they want you to pay every month. It’s mostly about upsales and getting you to spend more money. Don’t get me wrong, some of their stuff has value, but in my oppinion, the value is not $997 per month. It’s not even worth the time I spent in the free trial they offered. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t spend the $997 per month to have the entire suite, most of the stuff you want out of it isn’t accessible.

4. Do they offer a free affiliate program?

   The platforms that I use offer a free affiliate program where I can earn extra money or credits toward my monthly fee by promoting their product. This option is not for everyone, but for me, if I like the platform enough to continue to use it, why WOULDN’T I want to make that extra money? To be honest, I kind of use the affiliate programs to offset my own cost while providing a quality platform to people who see my success and want to know how I do it. (I’m addicted to helping people succeed.) 

   So when you ask yourself “Is paid traffic worth it?”, you really need to consider a few things. In my case, it very much is, because most of my business is done online. If you are more of a brick and mortar kind of business, it may still be worth it. Getting people into your store or events can be difficult, but with a properly executed and ongoing email campaign, it can do wonders.

“How Much Is Too Much To Pay?”

   To be honest with you, this is a relative question. How much business do you do already? Is the amount they want per month sustainable if you don’t get any additional sales from it? Honestly, most platforms don’t get you a ton of sales EVERY SINGLE MONTH. The reality of a work at homer or internet marketer is that we can make hundreds of dollars in one day and nothing for the next three days. There are down seasons in EVERY line of business, so your marketing campaigns wont work ALL the time. I don’t like paying anyone ANYTHING but it is a necessary expense. The most I pay for a platform’s monthly fee is $50. If you are making money in the hundreds of thousands or millions, then a platform that costs $1000 a month may be for you. It’s important to find a platform that falls into your ad budget with the extras that you want to cut costs elsewhere. (see the “Is Paid Traffic Worth It?” section for more detail on that.) Wasting your advertising budget on useless sources is tantamount to chucking a hand full of Benjamins out your car window every month so do yourself a favor, find platforms with “free trials” to work with. This way, you can see if the hype they shoveled on you to get your attention is true or if the platform is just a money trap. Always remember, bells and whistles just make noise. Filter through all of the noise to the information you need to make an informed decision before putting your money on the line.

“Where Do I Find GOOD Paid Traffic Sources?”

   Well, to be honest, finding a GOOD paid traffic source is kind of a crapshoot. It’s really up to you to decide what is a GOOD source and what isn’t. You can always ask the oppinion of someone who is successful doing the same type of thing you are doing. That’s kind of the basis of influencer and affiliate marketing and can work out well if you have chosen the right role model. A good role model will be honest and transparent, cutting out the hype for you and giving you the meat and bones of what is going on and an honest oppinion about their experience.  If you aren’t sure if your role model does this, you should be looking for someone else who does. Let’s look at an example. If you Google a product followed by the word review, a BUNCH of sites and videos will pop up. The fact is, most of those “reviews” are affiliate marketers using a well known format to convince you that the product you are looking at is a good one. By forming it in a “review” they convince you that they have tried it and like it, which is not always the case. Go to valid review sites like Google Reviews or Reddit. These sites vet the reviewers and make their identities viewable so you know that they are real people. If you are looking at YouTube, try to find a reviewer that gives impartial reviews on a variety of products. Watch their videos, do they use the products? How did they become a reviewer for that company? ARE THEY BEING PAID TO GIVE A REVIEW? That one is important. If they are getting paid to review the product or platform, they are probably NOT giving an honest review.  I’ll tell you, I don’t review or recommend a product that I haven’t used myself. I would feel like a real jerk for pawning a crappy product off on people who look to me for help. I would also say that if YOU find a good product or source, you should review it or recommend it ONLY to people it would benefit. So, how do you find GOOD sources of paid traffic? !!RESEARCH!!  I’m sorry if you thought there was going to be some simple key, but there isn’t. Finding good sources of paid traffic is a trial and error process that you can manage by being smart about it. I know I’ve been banging on this drum a lot but FREE TRIALS ARE A KEY WAY TO FIND OUT IF A TRAFFIC SOURCE IS GOOD FOR YOUR NEEDS. If you trust the oppinion of someone you follow but they don’t have a free trial, it’s up to you to decide if the first month’s fee is worth a potential train wreck. One of my favorite platforms (im sure you’ve picked up on it already) is The Lead Gen Secret. They don’t have a free trial, but the $60 starter fee and $30 monthly fee after the first month was minimal enough for me to give it a try anyway. As it turns out, this worked for me…THIS TIME. It won’t always work out that way, so be aware of things like cost and ease of canceling. 

   So to conclude the conversation…Paid Traffic or No Paid Traffic…the answer is pretty clear to me. It’s entirely up to you. Weigh the pros and cons and do indepth research, that’s the only way to truely know.

Good luck with your search!!

Ann Wolf