“ClickBank…Yes or No”

Ok, so…LOTS of people are giving ClickBank a go and there are generally two VERY different oppinions aboout it. ClickBank is an affiliate marketer’s marketplace where affiliate marketers can go to find products to promote. Now, I will tell you that I do promote a couple of products on ClickBank. The difference between me and other people is that I find a product out in the world, try it, like it and then go search ClickBank to see if it’s available. I’ve only really found 2 or 3 products on there that I will promote because of my standards about not recommending products that I don’t belive in. I have 3 lines of business and I have NEVER had someone come back to me after trying something I promote and say “That was total crap, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” and there’s a reason why. I live the life of a single mom. My son is autistic and I don’t want him on medications so I take him to alternative therapies that insurance won’t pay for. EVERY DOLLAR I MAKE COUNTS!! I make my dollars selling jewelry, offering a direct marketing program that is purely online and affiliate marketing. As I mentioned before, I use ClickBank which has some upsides and downsides.  If you already have an established following who trust your judgement, ClickBank may be the avenu for you. There are a lot of legitimate products on there that can be successful for you as long as they fall into your niche. If you have gained a following in the weightloss world, attempting to market a business opportunity to them may not be a great idea but if you find a weightloss product you LOVE and ClickBank has an affiliate program for it, you could have a winner. With that said, BEWARE!! ClickBank has some policies that may cause you to NEVER GET PAID!!

Here’s what you need to know:

1. You have to make 5 sales to get paid
2. There’s fee Up to $100 per month for not makeing sales
3. It’s possible that you may never get paid.

Photo from resource article by Gerald Paul Krishnan   - Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Tips (linktrackr.com)

Above photo is credited to resource article “Shocking Facts You Never Knew About ClickBank”

Not only do I know this from experience, but I’ve seen several reviews that reflect my previous experience with ClickBank.  It wasn’t until I built a large following that I was able to make any money. The ClickBank Affiliate Program SHOULD NOT BE YOUR PRIMARY SOURCE OF INCOME!! You will be broke forever if it is.  Between the MONSTER number of crappy products that will lose you followers and the fees for not being active or making any sales, it could sink you if not used correctly. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING OUTSIDE RESEARCH ABOUT THE PRODUCTS YOU ARE CONSIDERING FOR PROMOTION IN YOUR CLICKBANK ACCOUNT. If you didn’t find your product by trying it and looking to see if they had it on ClickBank, research is your best friend. The fact is that there are a LOT and I mean A LOT of bad products in the ClickBank marketplace. Don’t just find one and send it out there for the masses to trip on, you won’t make any money. REASEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!!! You will find that word in almost all of my blog  posts for a reason. There is no one out there who knows whether a product or service is for you except you. Trust that you are smart enough to find out the truth about the product and go find get it before hanging your name on it.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t reccomend ClickBank if you are just starting out with now following or email marketing list. If you are a pro at this internet marketing thing, GO FOR IT!! 

Good Luck!!

Ann Wolf

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